Our Leaders

Arcadia Christian Church practices congregational polity, which is a fancy way of saying we keep our leadership in house– we don’t answer to a cardinal, conference, or clerical council, we answer to God. Following the example we see set by God through the words of the apostles, we choose to submit to the oversight and guidance of Spirit-selected shepherds, also called elders, whose purpose is to tend to the spiritual needs of the congregation, as well as forge forth a clear path ahead for this church in our pursuit of serving our community. Though we select these elders from amongst ourselves by holding them to the qualities of healthy leaders we see in 1 Tim. 3:1-7, we truly believe it is God who chooses these men for this calling, not us. For more information on this, see Our Beliefs.

We are blessed at this time to be led by the example of three Christ-centered elders.

Marty Adams

Dean Butler

Steve Upton