Who We Are

Arcadia Christian Church is a family of believers, committed to loving God and loving others. We want to gather together to fellowship, grow in Christlikeness and give honor of God. The church was established in 1894 making it the oldest church in Santa Fe, Texas. It has been an honor to have such a long standing history of blessing our community.

We focus on generational ministry, each generation has a heart for guiding and empowering the next. Throughout the years, we have grown and adapted through many seasons of change. It is by the grace of Christ that through these seasons, God’s heart has continued to turn toward us. We do not come to set rules, we come to worship the living word of God. 

We fiercely believe that God’s heart will never give up on us, Therefore we are a church who will never give up on His people. Jesus became a tangible expression of the height, depths, and length of the love God has had for His fallen people. We are so grateful to be given the opportunity to take that love and spread it to all of His people!