Who Are We?

“The Oaks” of Arcadia Christian Church are a dynamic, growing, multi-generational family of believers in Jesus Christ committed to loving God and loving others.  From the youngest to the oldest, we are thankful for the abundant ways the Lord blesses us, and we live with a zeal for life and excitement for the future.  Our highest desire is to be faithful to Jesus Christ, living according to His word, by the aid of His Holy Spirit.

Organized in 1894, Arcadia Christian Church, is the oldest and most historic church in Santa Fe, TX.   We love Santa Fe because, by the grace of God, we are Santa Fe Strong.    As we enter the next chapter, our aim is to foster a flourishing church culture that’s on mission to see God glorified and our community strengthened by welcoming, engaging, and blessing our growing community with the healing love of Jesus Christ.

Arcadia Christian is notable for our focus on generational ministry (each generation places great emphasis on raising and empowering the next).  For this reason, Arcadia Christian is known for our children’s, youth, college, and young adult ministries, as well as the number of young members who have entered fields of Christian service.   Through the decades our church continues to bless and provide spiritual guidance for our community.

Throughout the years, Arcadia has grown and adapted  through many seasons of change.  Today, we are glad to say the Lord is busy writing an exciting new chapter in our story and He’s doing amazing new things in and through our church!

In 2021, the oaks of Arcadia Christian Church called Pastor Chad Hussey to lead the church through a historic revitalization – helping the church to find a strategic vision for Bible-based renewal.  With a focus on renewed spiritual vitality, gospel proclamation and local outreach, love for our community, active and motivated discipleship, warm fellowship, and excitement for seeing God glorified in the lives of changed people, God is busy doing an amazing new work in our midst!

You can learn more about our pastor and his family here.